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J. Borges de Sousa, Pinto, J., Martins, R., Costa, M., Ferreira, F., and Gomes, R. Joel, Building oceanographic and atmospheric observation networks by composition: unmanned vehicles, communication networks, and planning and execution control frameworks, AGU Fall Meeting Abstracts, 2014.
J. Pinto, Faria, M., Fortuna, J., Martins, R., de Sousa, J. Borges, Queiroz, N., Py, F., and Rajan, K., Chasing Fish: Tracking and control in a autonomous multi-vehicle real-world experiment, Proc. MTS/IEEE Oceans, pp. 1–6, 2013.
F. Py, Pinto, J., Silva, M. A., Johansen, T. Arne, de Sousa, J. Borges, and Rajan, K., EUROPtus: A Mixed-initiative Controller for Multi-Vehicle Oceanographic Field Experiments, International Symposium on Experimental Robotics, pp. 1–10, 2016.
J. Pinto, Calado, P., Braga, J., Dias, P. Sousa, Martins, R., Marques, E. R. B., and de Sousa, J. Borges, Implementation of a control architecture for networked vehicle systems, IFAC Workshop on Navigation, Guidance and Control of Underwater Vehicles (NGCUV'2012), vol. 270180, 2012.
L. L. Sousa, López-Castejón, F., Gilabert, J., Relvas, P., Couto, A., Queiroz, N., Caldas, R., Dias, P. Sousa, Dias, H., Faria, M., Ferreira, F., Ferreira, A. Sérgio, Fortuna, J., Gomes, R. Joel, Loureiro, B., Martins, R., Madureira, L., Neiva, J., Oliveira, M., Pereira, J., Pinto, J., Py, F., Queirós, H., Silva, D., Sujit, P. B., Zolich, A., Johansen, T. Arne, de Sousa, J. Borges, and Rajan, K., Integrated Monitoring of Mola mola Behaviour in Space and Time, PloS one, vol. 11, p. e0160404, 2016.
A. Sousa, Madureira, L., Coelho, J., Pinto, J., Pereira, J., de Sousa, J. Borges, and Dias, P. Sousa, LAUV: The Man-Portable Autonomous Underwater Vehicle, IFAC Proceedings Volumes, vol. 45, pp. 268–274, 2012.
J. Pinto, Dias, P. Sousa, Martins, R., Fortuna, J., Marques, E. R. B., and de Sousa, J. Borges, The LSTS toolchain for networked vehicle systems, 2013 MTS/IEEE OCEANS - Bergen, pp. 1–9, 2013.
J. Pinto, Dias, P. Sousa, Pereira, J., Caldas, R., Rodrigues, T., de Sousa, J. Borges, Py, F., and Rajan, K., Mixed-Initiative Interaction for Tracking of Ocean Sunfish, IFAC-PapersOnLine, vol. 48, pp. 94–99, 2015.
A. C. Kapoutsis, Salavasidis, G. V., Chatzichristofis, S., Braga, J., Pinto, J., de Sousa, J. Borges, and Kosmatopoulos, E. B., The NOPTILUS project overview: A fully-autonomous navigation system of teams of AUVs for static/dynamic underwater map construction, IFAC-PapersOnLine, vol. 48, pp. 231–237, 2015.