Cientistas e militares de vários países e da NATO testaram também comunicações em rede com drones aéreos e de superfície.

Investigadores portugueses estão a desenvolver um conjunto de programas informáticos para permitir que diferentes modelos de drones subaquáticos comuniquem entre si e, em rede, com veículos não tripulados de superfície e aéreos.


Professor Aldino Campos

Aldino Campos, Professor at the department of electrical and e computer engineering here at FEUP, and affiliated with LSTS, was elected for the Continental Shelf Limits Commission at ONU.

Brian Kieft from MBARI will be visiting us, LSTS, in June, 16th.

The program includes a visit to the LSTS and a public talk at 14h30, in room E107 (DEQ), where he will present some of his work.


A Marinha Portuguesa, juntamente com outras unidades da NATO, participaram até esta semana no exercício “Mare Aperto – Italian Minex 17” que decorreu na Sardenha. Durante este exercício de desminagem, o Destacamento de Mergulhadores Sapadores Nº 3 – Mine Warfare, com ao auxílio de veículos autónomos subaquáticos, duas minas reais da II Guerra Mundial na zona de exercício.

LSTS has collaborated with MBARI on several occasions, including the 2013 CANON initiative, providing AUV´s, UAV´s and exchanging experiences in command and control of autonomous vehicles.

This spring MBARI is set out to take CANON another step further, deploying LRAUV´s (long-range autonomous underwater vehicles), one of which is equipped with third-generation Environmental Sample Processor (3G ESP) to collect environmental DNA. Hopefully this will help provide a better pictures of the environmental shifts in the Monterey Bay.


University of Porto will be hosting the Charter Meeting of the Autonomous Maritime Vehicle Student Competition - International Coordination Committee (AMVSC-ICC), from 10 to 12 April.

Excerpt of the short program promoted by UPTEC - Parque de Ciência e Tecnologia da U.Porto, broadcasted last Saturday by RTP3 featuring LSTS and Oceanscan.


Recently Jornal da Economia do Mar published a story in Portuguese about our cooperation and recent activities in last September with Norway partners from NTNU-AMOS and KTH. Now the story is also available in English. Check this pdf version.


Multi-robot Systems is a website of the Technical Committee on Multi-Robot Systems (TC MRS) of the IEEE Robotics and Automation Society, that gathers information about the multi-robot systems in the academic and industrial areas.

Now you can also find us here, at :


The Portuguese Institute for Sea and Atmosphere, I. P. (IPMA, IP) will be organizing another series of talks dedicated to Ocean Observation, on December 5th in Algés, at IPMA’s installations.

At 14h30, João Borges de Sousa will be talking about Ocean observation with networked vehicle systems.



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