For the next 3 days, the Portuguese President will be at Norway for a series of meetings and discussions regarding economic relations between both countries.

With him will be number of biotech entrepreneurs and researchers of which João Sousa, head of LSTS is part. 


LSTS has already begun the preparations for the next big exercises.

With the third "Project NETMAR" demonstration at Porto in May, an exercise in Sicilia, Italy in June and the REP 15 exercise in July, we have been quite busy.

However there is always some time to explain what we do to those who are curious.


This month, in the printed version of the “Jornal da Economia do Mar”, you can find an article on the LSTS.
Don’t miss it.

UPTEC - Science and Technology Park, University of Porto was visited on 19 December by the Minister of Agriculture and Sea, Assunção Cristas.

This was an opportunity to show new technologies applied to agriculture and maritime activities that are being developed at the University of Porto by researchers from Underwater Systems and Technology Laboratory (LSTS), from FEUP and  Center for Marine and Environmental Research (CIIMAR).

Another story on project Sunrise, this time in Portuguese.

Visit to see the full article.


"Robots of the deep" an article from Euronews presenting our vehicles, and what we are developing under the SUNRISE project.


In May, our vehicles will be off the coast of Olhão, Portugal, executing an innovative experiment.
A group of ocean sunfish will be tagged and our vehicles will gather data in the vicinity of the fish, hoping to cast some more light on the behavior of theses fish.

See the article published by the Discover Magazine.


Jamail Larkins, young avatiation entrepeneur (Ascension Air CEO) is visiting FEUP next Monday, and will stop by LSTS.

From 11th to 13th, this March, LSTS will be at Oceanology International 2014, in representation of NETMAR project.



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