While most of our team is at Azores for REP 15 exercise, today at Matosinhos was the opening of the “Mar Sem Fim: a Derradeira Aventura da Exploração Oceânica” exhibit.

Organized by CMIA Matosinhos this exhibit hopes to stir the curiosity of public of all ages into learn more about sea explorations. Here you will also find some of our old aerial and underwater vehicles.

If you happen to came by Matosinhos, take some time to take a look. The exhibition can be visited until 17th December at the new CMIA installations on the ground level of Biblioteca Florbela Espanca.


From 4th to 6th of July we were at the Blue Business Forum organized by the Portuguese government to promote, several activities related to sea.

Take a look at our stand, that was also visited by the Prime Minister Passos Coelho, the Vice-Prime Minister Paulo Portas, and by the Minister of Agriculture and Sea Assunção Cristas.


Victor Zykov, Ph.D. and Director of Research of the Schmidt Ocean Institute, will be give a talk at FEUP - DEEC on June 8 at 11.00h - 12.15h. Room i-105

Don't miss it.


Videos of John R Delaney lecture on May 25th, at University of Porto, for University of Porto Oceans Distinguished Lectures


John Delaney will be at University of Porto for the opening lecture of Oceans Distinguished Lectures.

The lecture on Next Generation Operations in the Global Ocean: Comprehensive, Volume-Integrated, Subsea Sensor-Robotic Presence will be held on May 25th  , 4pm at the Faculty of Sciences, University of Porto.


At NAVDEX 2015, OceanScan – Marine Systems & Technology Lda of Portugal showcased its LAUV. The LAUV is a Lightweight (one-man-portable) Autonomous Underwater Vehicle designed to be affordable as it requires only limited logistics. Based on a modular design, the platform is built to be robust and reliable.


Today, João Sousa and Kanna Rajan are at the " Seminário do Mar - The New Challenges of the Atlantic" Conference.

This conference, organized by “Centro de Estudos Estratégicos do Atlântico”,  is part of the project "Extension of the Continental Shelf: Implications for Strategic Decision Making", funded by FCT, in partnership with the Navy and the ESRI Portugal, as part of the Center for Business and Public Policy Institute of Social and Political Sciences, University of Lisbon.

The Technical Unconscious is a program that relates culture and research, exploring the relation between the technique associated with gesture and the unconscious knowledge.
As a result of this research, the Faculty of Fine Arts, of University of Porto brings to us an exhibit that invites us to reflect about art and science in a post-industrial space and city.

Taking place in Cooperativa dos Pedreiros do Porto (loosely translated as Cooperative of Stonemasons of Port) this is an opportunity to visit the former industrial site where the stone used in the construction of most emblematic buildings of Porto was quarried and crafted.


URready4OS is a project that aims to join forces to make available to European Civil Protection a fleet of autonomous underwater vehicles (AUVs), unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) and unmanned surface vehicles (USVs) with operational capability to intervene against oil spills in European Seas using new cooperative multivehicle robotic technologies.


Last September 19, Professor John Sousa, traveled to Russia to present a lecture on the creation and use of robotic devices in marine systems of the Ural Federal University.
(in Russian)


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