Development and deployment of an estuarine microbuoy

TitleDevelopment and deployment of an estuarine microbuoy
Publication TypeConference Paper
Year of Publication2018
AuthorsRibeiro, M, Dias, D, Mendes, R, Dias, JMiguel, Galante, J, Ferreira, ASérgio, de Sousa, JBorges
PublisherIEEE Charleston
Conference Location345 E 47TH ST, NEW YORK, NY 10017 USA
ISBN Number978-1-5386-4814-8

Collecting geophysical data from water environments in remote or inaccessible locations is usually a logistically taxing and costly task. Small and instrumented buoys can provide a relatively low-cost tool for acquiring measurements either from remote locations in the open ocean or in continental environments such as lakes at high altitudes, ponds in salt marshes and mud flat in estuarine regions. These microbouys can carry a small sensing suite (including GPS and Wi-Fi), a low-power micro-controller, and a battery pack. Here, is presented a new microbuoy concept for salt marshes environments. The microbouy system is described, along with all operational deployment and data-recovering concepts using an Unmanned Aerial System (UAS). The proof-of-concept presented follows a multi-system operational strategy yielding promising results.