Programming Networked Vehicle Systems using Dolphin – Field Tests at REP'17

TitleProgramming Networked Vehicle Systems using Dolphin – Field Tests at REP'17
Publication TypeConference Paper
Year of Publication2018
AuthorsLima, K, Marques, ERB, Pinto, J, Sousa, JB
Conference NameProc. IEEE/MTS Oceans'18
Date Published05/2018

The increasing availability and use of autonomous vehicles for real operational scenarios has led to the need for tools that allow human operators to interact with multiple systems effectively, taking into account their capabilities, limitations and environmental constraints. Multiple vehicles, deployed together in order to accomplish a common goal, impose a high burden on a human operator for specifying and executing coordinated behavior, particularly in mixed-initiative systems where humans are part of the control loop. In this paper, we describe experimental field tests for Dolphin, a domain-specific language that allows a single program to define the joint behaviour of multiple vehicles over a network. Using the language, it is possible to accomplish an orchestrated execution of single-vehicle tasks according to several patterns such as sequential, concurrent, or event-based program flow. With this aim, Dolphin has been integrated modularly with a software toolchain for autonomous vehicles developed by Laboratório de Sistemas e Tecnologia Subaquática (LSTS). The tests we describe made use of LSTS unmanned underwater vehicles (UUVs) at open sea during the 2017 edition of Rapid Environment Picture (REP), an annual exercise jointly organised by LSTS and the Portuguese Navy.