João Costa

UAV Pilot / Embedded Systems
Short Bio

João Costa is a Robotics Engineer at LSTS since 2020. He is a firmware and software developer, part of the UAV operational team and has experience in building and operating RPAS.

João holds a Master's degree in Electrotechnical Engineering, specialized in Robotics, from FEUP. His master’s thesis aimed to make a cooperative path following controller that makes drones follow a desired path and a flock achieve consensus, entitled "Drone Flock: formation control of multi-drones”.

During this period, he took part of FEUP’s Aerospacial, Aeronautics and RC group, Porto’s AFCEA Club, WRSC 2016, some RC and autonomous drone competition and has been working on projects related to multirotors.

His interests include robotics, home automation, autonomous vehicles, drone racing, 3D design and printing, mechanics and motorsports.