Symposium on Advances in Ocean Observation


The symposium comes with a novel format to bring together a small (30 people) yet highly motivated group of experts focusing on smarter methods in ocean observation. The aim is to generate ideas across science and technology, to advance ocean observation in novel ways. We hope for scientists to understand and leverage advances in technology and for technologists to advance their science and problem solving methods to have societal impact in solving critical scientific problems.

Organizer are:

  • Aida Alvera Azcárate, Physical Oceanography, Ocean Remote Sensing, Belgium
  • Jo Eidsvik, Statistical Sampling, Norway
  • Kanna Rajan, Autonomous Systems, AI, United States and Portugal


The Azores Symposium on Advances in Ocean Observation is inviting three (3) Early Stage Researchers (ESRs) specifically from under-represented ocean facing nations including LDC's or SIDS, who will be competitively selected to attend this event for 4 full days with all expenses paid inclusive of travel, room and board. Visit the website symposium for more information.

Deadline for submission: February 28th, 2022

Decision date: March 15th, 2022

ESR fellowships are sponsored by FLAD


The symposium is sponsored by AIR Centre - Atlantic International Research Centre, The Research Council of Norway, FLAD – Luso-American Development Foundation and The Ocean Foundation.